#ThrowbackThursday – Cropsey

On an unusually somber note…

Willowbrook State School

Cropsey is a New York urban legend who steals children. Now this doesn’t have anything to do with disability, save that the Cropsey myth became real the day an autistic girl was kidnapped. The man convicted of her kidnapping and murder worked for the Willowbrook State School…yup, the school that made Geraldo Rivera famous…and he took his victim back to it.

Just goes to show you, the dark history of disability doesn’t end when the atrocities are stopped and the locations close down. We remember, we all remember and it colors how we feel about those places.

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  1. Renee says:

    BTW, today is the 40th anniversary of the Willowbrook Consent Judgement. Read more here: http://www.nysarc.org/index.php?cID=251

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