Black #Disability History: Tony Cox, Actor

Tony CoxYou don’t have to be a fan of cult classics to appreciate the acting of Tony Cox, but if you are a fan of those films, there is no way that you are not aware of his work.  With a film career that includes Return of the Jedi, Friday, Oz the Great and Pwerful, and Bad Santa, Tony Cox brings wit and energy to any role that he plays. Even with very few starring roles, Mr. Cox has makes an impression upon audiences and commands their attention – even when he is sharing the screen with boisterous comedians or academy award winning actors.

Mr. Cox’s presence is also made more obvious not only for the community of individuals with disabilities whom he represents but the unique crossover he has as a person of color with a disability. Though there is a long standing history of individual with dwarfism working in Hollywood, the number of those who have moved beyond stand in work or received the opportunity to work in leading roles, is very small. For every individual like Tony Cox, Peter Dinklage or Meredith Eaton, there are 50 other individuals with disabilities hoping  to get their big breaks. It also cannot be ignored that Tony Cox is also representing the African American Community as well as the LP Community, and provides a much needed reminder that both communities have a lot to offer — and are still attempting to get their stories told in the entertainment  field.

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