Black #Disability History: Anil Lewis, Change Agent

Anil Lewis is the Executive Director, Jernigan Institute at National Federation of the Blind. He has been a tireless advocate not only for the blind community but for all individuals with disabilities and brings a dynamic energy to the struggle for full participation of all Americans.

Born in 1964 in Atlanta, Mr. Lewis was the first member of his family to attend a four year college. Becoming Blind during the pursuit of his bachelor’s Degree, Mr. Lewis integrated his blindness skills training in with his academic work in order to continue to achieve. After graduating in 1993, Mr. Lewis became affiliated with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and became empowered by their philosophy of independence. Since then, his resume has read like a video game hero leveling up after every achievement. He began as a Braille and AT instructor but has also manage job placement programs for individuals with disabilities, represented individuals with disabilities as an advocate, ben appointed by the Governor as a Board member for the State Independent Living Council of Georgia, and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Jernigan Institute at the National Federation of the Blind. Their mission to understand the real problems of blindness and to develop innovative education, technologies, products, and services that help the world’s blind to achieve independence fall in line with Mr. Lewis’s career path and accomplishments.

To hear from Anil Lewis himself, follow him on Twitter at @anillife

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