Black #Disability History: Bobby Coward, Advocate

Bobby CowardIt is still hard to believe that it has been more than a year since the passing of Bobby Coward. A mainstay in the DC. Disability advocacy scene, Bobby Coward was a tireless advocate for wheelchair-equipped taxicabs, wheelchair lifts on public buses and wheelchair access to public housing and especially increasing the quality of life for all individuals with disabilities. He served as the Executive Director of Direct Action but was probably best known (and feared) as the head of Capitol Area ADAPT. With a significant focus on transit policy, Bobby was a key voice in the discussion of accessible transportation, and in a major city like DC, he was a force that did not allow individuals with disabilities to be ignored in the conversation.

As we have mentioned before, Bobby epitomized constant vigilance, and for a significant time was the name when considering disability advocates that were also members of the Black Community. Though serious about our work and engagement, Bobby still always had time for the growing parade of young people seeking to learn more about their place in the disability movement.

To learn more about Bobby, interrogate any of our colleagues at @NationalADAPT or read his obituary here.


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