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  • Be respectful – We are all passionate in our beliefs and opinions.  The Lead On Network supports the expression of your thoughts, whether we agree with them or not. But we would prefer everyone act like grownups – attack the argument, not the person.
  •  Be relevant – This is a space to talk about the content posted.  It is not for unrelated or irrelevant content, nor can we (as much as many of us would like) solve individual one-on-one issues.  We also do not support links to “other disability groups or products” in the comments.  It is in our mission to support and promote great disability projects, programs, ideas, and leaders…just not in the comments section. If you would like to talk about that topic specifically, or think it beneficial for a Q&A post, or think it would be of interest to our readers, please contact us at LeadOnUpdate@gmail.com and we’ll see about finding a way of including it.
  •  Be “real” – No one expects full truthfulness and honesty on the Internet.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  The Lead On Network isn’t about click-bait, or disability fear-mongering, or inspiration porn, or even the other side of “unrealness” – sticking to “safe” topics.  We want authenticity.  🙂 There is nothing easier and more difficult than being yourself but it is you that we want to hear.

As a last note, Lead On Network moderators, beyond commentary that may be considered spam, personal attacks, off-topic, irrelevant comments, hate speech or personally identifying information (yes, we’ve heard of people posting social security information), prefer not to censor any comments.

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